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Have your computer tunning at 100% capaity at all times with a quick tune up.
Dirt and dust are a big problam for all PC's since thy require constant air flow to keep the CPU cool. the fan on the power supply sucks air in along with dirt and dust there is also a fan that sits on top of the CPU. if the fan gets too much dust inside, it will stop turnig , and the CPU will overheat and cause the computer to freeze or shut down. constant overheating will cause the CPU to burn out and could possibly burn out the system board. sensitive boards and components need to be cleaned regularly to prolong the life of your computer, especially if your business depends on it. our trained technicians will thoroughly clean and optimize your PC to run at its best and last longer. We'll update your anti-virus, so you are protected against new viruses that can corrupt and destroy important data.

PC Tune-Up includes:
  • 1. Open chassis & thoroughly clean & inspect the inside of your PC.
  • 2. Perform detailed hardware diagnostics.
  • 3. Remove temp files & internet cookies.
  • 4. check for lost clusters on Hard Drive.
  • 5. Have your Anti-Virus Updated.
  • 6. Defragment Hard Drive.
  • 7. Scan for Malware/Virus?Spyware infections.
  • 8. Update BIOS if available.
  • 9. scan for & Repair Windows Registry for errors.
  • 10. Download & install all available windows updates & Patches.

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    Computers Devices Peripherals Services Accessories